Wall of Fame

It’s time to stop and say thanks for your dedication. While each of our employees is a special talent we treasure, a few of you rise above the extraordinary and become an inspiration to follow and emulate. Here are the Annual Beacons of the Open Mind Family. Congratulations to each of them!


Inder Raj, MIS and Analytics A bundle of raw nerves and unbound energy, young Inder has shown the maturity and ability to be a quick learner and finisher of any task assigned to him.

You’re an incredible employee and we’re thankful. Keep the flames burning!


Divya Wadhawan – Process head If dedication and hard work were an Olympics sport, India would be assured of a Gold medal! Divya is an asset to the organization! Never the one to shun responsibilities, she is the one we instruct new apprentices to follow as an example.

Since the time she joined in, her work ethics and soft skills have played a decisive role in her rise above the normal track as a Process Head in Open Mind.

We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Hope to see you rising higher in the organization.

We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Hope to see you rising higher in the organization.


Reena – General Manager Our import from the Himalayas, Reena, is a graduate from Shimla, with an excellent virtue of adaption.

Her astonishing expertise in various HR Policies, procedures and compliances has often surprised HR MBAs too! Her sharp insights result from her laudable obsession with going to the root of a problem and finding the most appropriate solution.

Whatever the task, you always find a way to get it done. Thanks for all your extra effort.

Winner 2013

Naveen Gulati

Amandeep, as the name suggests is a peace loving soul enlightening her surroundings with her spark

Her versatility and personal commitment to quality is obvious in everything she does. Not everyone is a creative thinker… but she is. Her dedication to seeing a project through is second to none. This contributes to our success in a lot of the projects she has worked on, Ethics for Bharti Walmart, Customer service support for Eye Q and patient relationship management for Cloud 9, to name a few.

Her desire and willingness to perform fuel our mutual efforts and lead us to success. Her performance during her tenure as a team leader exceeded all expectations, and guarantees a continuing successful relationship with Open Mind.

Her ability to accommodate, even when it wasn’t easy or convenient, always assured others of a continuing, enjoyable, successful relationship with her. Her personal commitment to excellence has inspired others to push past mediocrity. Many of her colleagues changed their attitude towards work because of her.

She sure is an asset for Open Mind Services Limited.