Appointment management is always a stressful and extremely important part of a hospital process. Appointment management prevents the front desk from carrying out there core work, i.e. managing the constant and high footfall with absolute diligence along with handling their administrative responsibilities. Open Mind Services will help you succeed.

  • Appointment Management via Incoming calls / Chat / SMS / Web.
  • Complete Appoint Management on Software.
  • Multilingual on-call support
  • Appointment Tracking and Followups
  • Appointment Reminders by SMS / IVRS / Call
  • 24/7 Service

Open Mind Services helps to process calls for very busy hospitals, clinics or medical centre’s by scheduling appointments on a front-line or overflow basis, Open Mind Services provides a responsive and cost-effective solution for improving patient service levels and retention rates while generating more revenue for your organization.

Open Mind Services can interface with your existing appointment management schedule or provide our own appointment scheduling system to ensure that all the calls are responded to promptly and that appointments are continuously and appropriately scheduled.

With our state of the art software we can manage the patient history for future references, optimized call handling and case management. With our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Call/SMS/Chat/IVR services we are constantly at the disposal of your clients.

Open Mind Services provides a multi-lingual service solution be it for any regional language or an international language to provide all possible ease to your clientele. We provide our specialized services for appointment reminders through SMS/Call/IVR.

By analyzing your current operation, call traffic and staffing needs, Open Mind Services will assist you in determining the outsourcing solutions that make the most sense for your particular situation (e.g. front line, overflow, hours of operation, etc). We have the capability to create a program, which will feature a shared, dedicated or blended agent model to best serve your particular needs.

Open Mind Services adds value to any medical facility by providing answering services to professional medical answering service operators. Call us now for more info +91-9811331600 or email us on