Fill your company’s lead qualification gap with our lead management & nurturing services.

Are you also sitting on a fortune of rewarding leads that you are unable to follow? Our lead management system saves your company time and money while radically improving the overall effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

Our lead management services seamlessly integrate with your overall marketing strategies so you’ll be able to streamline your sales process across various initiatives. This makes Open Mind Limited’s LMS especially valuable to your business.

Most of the businesses we have worked with work diligently to amass an abundance of inbound sales leads through multiple marketing channels. But due to many preventable or inescapable factors, many of these leads are never qualified.

Never again give up on an evidently good sale leads that don’t respond to your initial email or first follow-up call.

Our proprietary lead nurturing process employs unequivocal phone qualification that rectifies a fundamental design flaw in your lead nurturing workflow to effectively close the qualification gap and prevent your sales leads to end up with an “unknown” lead record.

By adding our lead management services to your lead nurturing process, your stack of “unknown” leads will shrink and you will be able to convert more leads into actionable opportunities.

How it works:

Businesses typically have an intricate system of channels and sources to generate inbound sales leads. A few of these sources range from pay-per-click ads to B2B publications to website forms to simple outbound phone calls.

Our lead management services essentially help you evaluate your inbound sales inquiries to determine the best way to specifically handle those inbound sales leads that are screaming for attention.

So if there are certain types of inbound sales inquiries about a certain product line, or inquiries coming from certain sources, we know how to put a consistent process in place so that the inquiry gets routed to the right people at your company.