Maximum patients that call on the front desk of a medical institution are not able to respond to all the patients with utmost empathy as they are busy with their core work and the similar reason goes for the history tracking of patients. Empathy calls and history tracking helps in highly in retention of patients.

  • How are you Now calls (HAU Calls)
  • On boarding Therapy Calls
  • Patient History tracking
  • Calls for empathetic listening

Open Mind Services is one of the few organisation that specializes is the sphere of empathy calls and history tracking. Our state of the art software help in tracking every single detail of all the patients and in the same time helps in issuing alerts and emergencies regarding patients.

Our specialized HAU Calls (How are you now calls) is a unique services which helps the patients feel import and linked to the medical institution. Welcome calls or on boarding therapy calls helps every patient to understand what process will be followed by the medical institution.

Open Mind Services adds value to any medical facility by providing answering services to professional medical answering service operators. Call us now for more info +91-9811331600 or email us on