3 Ways Facebook Messenger Bots Can Perk Up Your Customer Services

Now that Facebook has virtually taken over the world, I guess the time is just ripe to introduce you to their messenger bots- AI stimulated programs that use the Facebook messenger platform to offer their customers another fresh experience of staying in touch and resolving their queries and issues. The aim is to deliver automated lighting fast responses to your customers and empower them to take informed decisions.

The competitive marketplace in every industry has changed the landscape of conducting businesses by intensifying the focus on customers. In the heightened absence of most other factors, astute businesses have quickly adopted intuitive and accurate customer services as the most favorable competitive advantage, and are investing heavily in cutting-edge technologies, like chatbots- a space where Facebook messenger is the current leader by a few miles.

The BIG reason bots are making waves is AUTOMATION. A majority of customer queries are very common and repetitive and automating them can free up the customer service team to focus on more serious issues and concerns. The underlying motive is to make things easier and uncomplicated for customers- essential for a business to make more money.

Here are three foremost tactics you can employ to take advantage of Facebook messenger bots and benefit your business:

1. Provide personalized content. If you use a website to constantly present your users with new content- think recipes, products, travel deals, blogs etc. – you can use a bot to push a part of the new content to your customers with a link to your website for complete content. This will keep your customers interested as also increase your website’s traffic.

2. Answer common customer support queries. Facebook messenger bots are most popular for answering customer service queries. When you’re inundated with repetitive service requests, you will be better off to go for automated responses that serve the twin purpose of gratifying a customer as well as saving your resources for more pressing issues.

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It is important to remind here that ALWAYS keep the avenues to call a real life customer service agent open. Some people take more time than most to adapt themselves to new technology, and you won’t like to lose any of your customers.

3. Recommend special services. You can use the bot to offer your special services to the make this one of the most direct message to a group that already believes in you- your existing customers. Nothing can ever beat that kind of direct communication. Make the process simpler by giving your customers the option to know more about the service you offer, or to book straightaway from the bot. In either circumstance, try to close the deal at the first available instance.

You can create your own Facebook messenger chatbots or hire a company for doing that. OR you use specialized chatbots like from outsourcing providers who are actively penetrating the space with highly targeted niches and segment.

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