4 Customer Support Digital Trends to embrace in 2019

4 Customer Support Digital Trends to embrace in 2018

2018 is expected to be an exciting year for Customer Support domain with Augmented Reality, Omnichannel & Seamless Experiences, and CIAM solutions changing customer expectations to be taken more seriously than ever before.

The enormous rewards for businesses those are quick to adjust sails to the waves of change begin with the much cherished Customer loyalty and move forward towards an increased revenue, greater customer satisfaction and above all, enhanced employee satisfaction.

1. Augmented Reality will mean serious business

After astonishing the world in 2016 with its first major product, Pokémon Go, AR is now bullying its way into the mainstream, helped generously with massive advances in smartphone sophistication and adaptation. Imagine you can choose your next sofa from your home while contemplating if it will look good with other furniture in your living room? Well it might seize the right-to-complain from your wife, but then, who’s complaining?!

2. Seamless & Omnichannel Customer Journey will become the norm

Customers expect a consistent, unified customer experience across locations and across digital devices. It’s not if you need a social presence or a dedicated helpline- it’s when you are making the switch and outpacing your competition. The journey from being a prospect to being a buying customer is a minefield and you need to be a data-driven, customer-focused and forward thinking organization to anticipate your customers’ steps to make a laser-sharp move at just the right time.

3. The quality of Customer Experience will be the sole focus

Digital technology has ensured that almost every customer journey is predictable; and providing exceptional customer service is practically the only big differentiator in gaining crucial competitive advantage.

4. CIAM will be more popular than ever

CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) essentially evaluates a company’s ability to manage customer data smartly such that they have a 360 degrees view of a customer’s buying behaviour and other minute details, while ensuring the privacy management practices are followed accurately. Poor digital practices – annoying registration process, asking for an impossible to remember password and too many ‘welcoming’ emails – result in a negative CIAM experience. Ultimately, customers love a simple procedure while safe in the knowledge that their data is protected with sophisticated data security measures.

In conclusion, investing in making your customer journey smoother and simplified for yourself and your customer leads you to save time, efforts and money in the long run.

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