A case study on B2B chatbots

A chatbot is designed to work faster than humans and in the process, save your organization on money and resources.

Customer Support Executives are also human after all and like most humans don’t like repeating the same thing ad nauseum. But it’s a job after all and they have to it. The problem takes an unexpected turn when a company is faced with an explosive attrition rate but is clueless about a formidable solution.

How about a solution that gives you the luxury to allow your executives more breathing space and newer challenges by routing the mundane yet important queries to some other entity?

Enter a Virtual Assistant, more imaginatively known as a Chatbot.

While chatbots have made a powerful entry into popular lexicon; many business still remain sceptical about its efficacy and paybacks.

And frankly, I don’t blame them.

The hype over a chatbots reached a crescendo last year and many ruthless, so called experts in marketing started to promote them as the next best thing to God. Like they always do

Let me assure you that a chatbot is not the right way to attain nirvana. It is also not the mythical sanjivini and we are not a 21st century incarnation of the monkey God. Not that we would love to, but that’s a different flight-of-fantasy altogether.

While a customer support chatbot can never negate the need for a human executive, it can categorically reduce your overheads while providing the same quality of excellence your company is well-known for.

The trick is in how to use a chatbot.

To see if your organization is the right candidate for a chatbot, we have documented a few case studies of companies that are successfully using a chatbot.

Let’s begin with a company called Rapid Miner. They chose a chatbot- Marla- and integrated it with their website. Now, every visitor that visits the website is soon greeted by Marla who sets the ball rolling with some intelligent questions. The conversation is monitored by Rapid Miner staff, and they are ready to jump in as soon as the triggered response is received.

“The bot isn’t about replacing a human. The bot for us is about augmenting and taking a user down a journey so then we can jump in at the right moment.” – Tom Wentworth, Chief Marketing Officer at RapidMiner

While Marla is busy interacting; it’s also careful to collect relevant data to make customer experience as seamless as possible. According to Tom, often Marla, the chatbot DOES NOT need any assistance and closes the conversation by itself- with a Thank you as the most common response.

It says a lot about a chatbot’s abilities to hold a meaningful conversation, as well as crafty implementation of technology into the buying journey.

We will continue with more Case Studies in the coming weeks.

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