Can you spare half an hour to grow your business with Loyal Customers

Thankfully, you don’t need a degree from Yale in rocket Science to figure out that customer loyalty is the blockbuster sequel of customer service.

Customer Service is the boring sibling of many other brand promotion practices, but if done right, it has the flair to become your best marketing tool- a knockout experience will bring your customers back, often with friends in tow.

With global competition, it has become easy to sift pretenders from partners. Hence, delivering exemplary customer service that creates a positive experience is gradually becoming the new standard.

Our involvement with several customer-centric organizations over the past decade gives us the indispensable conviction to enlist 4 major tried and tested tactics that can work towards your goal of retaining loyal customers and growing your business with their patronage. Here we go:

1. Invest in Customer Insights. Too often, research & analysis are impulsively executed, resulting in missing identifying the right customer for your services. Avoid jumping to conclusions and invest in understanding your future customers.

2. Welcoming Environment creates a warm Experience. Taking customer service division for granted can result in demotivating the executives to work only for their salaries. Pamper them and expect peak positive performance in return.

3. Ensure Transparency. Living in an information overloaded world comes with its own set of oddities for a business. People want every conceivable detail about your product and services and though you might have missed revealing something due to an oversight; it might be construed as malice. You will hate to find your business in the middle of such needless situations. A little bit more care in prioritizing transparency will go a long way in turning first time prospects into long-time customers.

4. Encourage Feedback. Customers are always willing to offer feedback to their friends and on social media. So why not tap into that emotional condition and give them a platform for it? That way you can diminish losses as well as gain valuable insights to revamp your strategy wherever required.

Customers want to be heard. Going the extra kilometre will facilitate you in creating a healthy and long positive relationship.

Open Mind’s budget-friendly inbound customer service helpdesk can make a huge difference to how your customers identify your company, and like our other clients, you too can expect to earn more referrals and recommendations from hard-won customers.

Take your Customer Support as seriously as you want your customers to take your company- First in Mind.