Customer Questions, answered Transparently

Give users the precise information they want- no fluff, no twisting of facts. Clear communication makes more friends and followers than circuitous interactions.

Doesn’t matter how you research, develop and describe it; you just can’t escape questions about your product or service.

And customers and prospects never really find answers to their ‘different’ questions on the meticulously prepared FAQ page or that step-by-step tutorial you so painstakingly put together.

Can’t really censure them though – first, because they are paying to realize your dream and second because they are just being human. Reading texts and trying to untangle it in simplest possible language is hardly an inspiration. Brands have to recognize that most customers are not well-read enough to get to the gist of academically prepared FAQs and manuals the way they would like them to be.

Communicating with a live entity is still the most preferred manner when exploring for help about a product or a service.

This is where our Open Mind Services Limited’s Customer Support Helpdesk comes in and saves the day. Appreciated by a number of industry honchos for the deft human touch we are renowned for, our help desk solutions are often cited as a prime standard worth following in any interaction in an empathetic and intelligent manner.

Not only that, our advanced customised software analyzes every inbound call to pin point patterns that help our clients in transforming their businesses by tailoring services that appeal more to their customers.

Our endeavour is to bring to light the best of your services and products to your customers in a fashion that first, satisfies their quest and second, delights them to an extent that they promote your products to others who maybe looking for similar services or products.

A dedicated Customer Support Helpline can provide more features that an in-house team cannot even figure out- especially when it considers itself as an extension of your organization.

Is your company running a customer service helpline? Are you thinking about getting one but unsure about its benefits? Does cost concern you? Questions like these are perfectly normal with anything new!

Open Mind Services Limited , a specialized Inbound Communications company continues to assist its clients in providing impressive customer service and delivering vital competitive advantage for more than 15 years now.

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