Does my business even need a Facebook messenger bot

A smartphone in hand has turned majority of earthlings into tech-loving folks. No wonder, there is an insatiable appetite for adapting interactive and fun experiences.

A Facebook Messenger bot fits the bill perfectly. It’s magical, it’s completely fun and interactive and comes with a huge potential to lend a helping hand to existing customers and appeal to those still on the periphery.

While fun and frolic is unarguably the first destination of any emerging technology; it’s the business benefit that really gets it zooming. And bots are sparkling like Sirius in that arena.

In many ways, bots mirror email marketing, the reason astute marketers refer to bots as email marketing 2.0. They can help you build your subscriber list, generate leads, deliver lead magnets, and broadcast messages. You can also combine direct Customer Support with bots, and also automate follow-ups.
One significant aspect to remember is that bots are not smart. The biggest misconception floating around is that bots can answer anything and everything. It’s not that an invisible alien is sitting behind a bot and answering every query it is shelled with.
Your business can save a lot of time when you outsource a bot for answering basic, common questions. You can automate a lot of tasks that can be completed without a human touch. To illustrate an example, ordering a pizza with choice of toppings.
Or taking an appointment for a haircut this weekend
Or perhaps, confirming an appointment with the doctor for your mom’s regular diagnostics.
The crux is, a bot can leave your business with more time for doing more meaningful things.
Since bots are interactive, you can choose to customize what you share with your customers. It’s like a big assortment of lego blocks where you choose to build what you want- small, large or extra-large.
Our experience with the Appointment Manager bot qualifies us to suggest that you should begin using a bot with repetitive tasks that can be carried out without any human help. Of course, once you decide to take the plunge, our rich experience of 10 years with customer service will help you in designing questions, answers and the exact path your bot should take to help your customers and your business save on time and resources!
We’re innovating constantly our bot with our research and actual experiences- you can see an instance of our live bot in action here:
On a final note, a bot cannot replace other means of customer support like telephone, email and direct connect; yet it can act as a vital cog in the wheel of the entire customer service universe of your business.
Open Mind Services Limited, a specialized Inbound Communications company continues to assist its clients in providing impressive customer service for more than 15 years now. Our latest product, the Appointment Management chatbot is another addition in our endeavor to encourage customer engagement and make your customers glued to your business.
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