How to Provide Great Customer Service in Your Small Business

Loyal customers- customers who are eager to refer your business to friends and family- are as rare as the tiger in India. Fortunately though, it isn’t too hard to convert a casual, first time customer into a loyal customer. All it needs is a genuine desire to delight the customer with an excellent customer experience.

A genuine customer service experience begins way before you’ve made your sale- how you present your business to your customer and how much you understand about them.

Here are a few smart tips that will prove enormously helpful in learning about your customers, their requirements and pivoting your services to begin creating a pattern of excellent customer experience.

  • Know your product inside out. Sounds obvious but the real implication here is to be able to explain your customers about your product or services in a manner that encourages him to invest in you.
  • Be and sound affable. As the saying goes, customer service starts with a smile. Let your customer feel welcomed in every interaction- whether face-to-face or on telephone. It shouldn’t make a difference if the person is buying something or making a complaint about a previous transaction. Every single customer interaction with your business creates an imprint; hence make sure it is a pleasant one.
  • Train Communication Skills to your staff. Not just your customer service people; every member of your staff should have a basic understanding of soft communication skills. This will ensure they are sensitive to a person who is trying to trust them with his money in the hope that his problem will be solved. Not all individuals are perceptive; hence make sure you provide them appropriate training to create a seamless customer experience.
  • Listen more than you speak. Understanding a question is indispensable if you want to give the right answer. Often, people jump to a conclusion- whether by design or by oversight – and squander away the chance to delight a customer and transform him into an enduring believer in your business. Simply listening to a disappointed person can give you an insight into her mind and tailor your solution accordingly.
  • ASK for Feedback. Superheroes are only located in movies and stories; don’t let any kind of false impression cloud your eyes of being in control. When in doubt, and when in confidence, ask your customer for their feedback about the transaction, your business, products, and services. You’ll be surprised when you analyze a sizeable audience, and this surprise will drive you to transform your services to a more gratifying level.

Exceptional customer service is simply an affair of being consistent- in not just selling but in the entire process of customer involvement. If you are careful in doing that productively, you’re on your way to make a success of your business.

Fixing average customer service is not that challenging if you’ve access to a team of dedicated trained customer support executives led by industry experts who are keen to impart ground-breaking practices and technology.

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