Why is Customer Feedback important now and forever

Marketing is the knight in shining armor for a business, while customer feedback is seen as a necessary evil by a majority. While business owners and managers generally agree that customer service is one of the most important components of a profitable business, their tepid response to investing in it makes me wonder for reasons behind it.

Maybe they can’t see the big picture that competitors and larger companies can? Perhaps the word ‘investment’ scares them off? Or maybe they don’t fully recognize the impact of acting on customer feedback for their business.

Customer Feedback is crucial for your business as it provides you with invaluable Insights that you can astutely use to improve your product or service and considerably enhance the overall customer experience.

Expanding a little more, here are my top 5 reasons why customer feedback is important:

  • It can improve your product or service.
    Ever thought why does Apple introduce a new model every year? Why is Windows so successful? What google was and what google has become? They reached where they have because they LISTENED to their customers. And changed swiftly. The more your product or service meets your target customers’ needs and expectations; the better chances you have of expanding your business successfully by proudly earning customer loyalty and customer retention.
  • You secure actionable insights and tangible data to enhance customer experience
    A consistent, personalized customer experience is on top of every customer’s mind, and providing that should be the ultimate aim of a successful company. But those insights don’t work on gut feelings and premonitions. You need to accumulate tangible data and insights to make a big decision that impact your profits. Ask and listen to your customers. They are the reason you are making money.
  • Customer feedback is the finest way to measure satisfaction.
    Determining how satisfied customers are goes a long way in modifying your products and services. Telephonic Surveys can play a crucial role by using rating based, multiple choice surveys. Outsourcing customer satisfaction surveys to an experienced company like Open Mind has made many companies alter their offerings and reap better profits.
  • Improve Customer Retention with feedback.
    Requesting feedback opens a direct communication line between you and your customer. Understanding if they are happy or not helps you in tweaking your offerings so that they continue doing business with you or continue buying your products. Clichéd but true: A happy customer brings in more customers by acting as your advocate.
  • You can identify customer advocates and reward them.
    We qualify a customer as an advocate if he is more passionate about our products than even we are ! Advocates are your best salesmen. Period. People believe them as they are not on your rolls. Gathering customer feedback gives you a definite idea about who your advocates can be. These are the people who give you high scores on most parameters. Connect with them, reward them and ask for referrals too. The pleasantness of a good customer experience lasts long!

Open Mind Services Limited , a specialized Inbound Communications company continues to assist its clients in providing impressive customer service and delivering vital competitive advantage for more than 15 years now.

Collect & Collate customer feedback and improve your products, services and consequently customer experience and customer retention. There is nothing called too much feedback. More the data, more refined the experience shall be. I suggest you to keep improving your products or services, and create better customer experiences so that your customers return. Repeatedly

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