Why Your Hospital Needs a Help Desk

The need for a outsourced medical call center in a hospital 

The need for a outsourced medical call center in a hospital 

Open Mind Services Limited, a specialized Outsource Service company continues to assist its clients serve their clients for more than 15 years now.

They offer a Dedicated Empathetic HelpDesk for Hospitals that would help your facility build a strong bond and a stronger brand with your valuable customers — Patients and Prospects- before and after they are in your premises.

Such improved communications, based on a predictive marketing model result in building and sustaining trust in your facility, a crucial task in the healthcare business.

Open Mind Services Limited have fruitfully worked with a multinational pharmaceutical company on an industry pioneer Dialysis Call center as well as with multi-chain hospitals for Patient follow-up calls and Feedback mechanism.

You’ll learn a lot about Customer Service from the definitive Video Presentation that explains their services and benefits thereof.

For the first time, an outsourcing company is sending an open invite to review their call centers in work. It really is an unmissable chance if you’re looking at employing an outsourced help desk for your customers.

Alternately, you can opt to have a conversation between you and their senior executives for a detailed presentation about HelpDesk and its benefits for you.